WOB wants your stuff!

WOB is a lit.zine based in Northern NSW.

Details: We’re after stories / art / stuff that we don’t normally get to experience, done in ways other people haven’t thought of.

Clichés make us want to spew.

Pathos is cool, but so is fun. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Length: For prose/ reportage / memoir/ non-fiction under 2000 words, shorter is good too.

For poetry 2 pages max.

For illustration and photography up to six images.

Payment: Two litres of Coca-Cola and a packet of Mentos

To submit: We are only after unpublished work.

Double space. Use one of the boring fonts. No wacky colours pls.

Include your name, email address and word count on the first page.

Ready to go? Attach your writing as a separate document and email us at westofbyron@gmail.com

For images, upload them to Dropbox and send us a share invite.